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Aaron Sorkin Announces New 'West Wing' Animated Series at SorCon

On Day two of the 2008 San Diego SorCon, the biggest Aaron Sorkin convention in the world, screenwriter and producer Aaron Sorkin revealed plans for his next project, an animated continuation of his most popular franchise, The West Wing.

"I'm excited to bring my Emmy Award-winning writing to the field of animation," Sorkin said in a speech before approximately 30,000 screaming fans, many of whom were dressed up in the business-suit costumes of their favorite Sorkin characters. "The costs of live-action production restricted me to a set only slighly larger than the actual White House and an ensemble cast of under 15 actors. But animation technology will enable us to provide fans with extended 40-minute walk-and-talks, digitally compressed dialogue for faster delivery, and a cast of over 70 main characters...

Events scheduled for day three at SorCon include a panel discussion on rapid-fire dialogue, an American President debate on what sorts of policy deals would cause the president's girlfriend to break up with him in the modern day, and a seminar on how freebasing cocaine can improve your screenwriting.

Hilariously specific article in The Onion. Do most people know who Aaron Sorkin is? Is there a regional LA issue of The Onion? Is everyone as obsessed with the West Wing as I am? Would this be funny if you'd never heard of Aaron Sorkin?

I like to think these are the questions The Onion's editors ask before saying "Aww, screw it. It'll be funny to someone out there."

And they were right. It was.

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Mar said...

I agree!! The booth where you can do "The Jackal" with CJ!! It's genius.