Who gives a crap about a few adorable seals anyway?

Canadians have a reputation for being affable sorts, with big hearts and liberal views. Why then do we still think it's okay for hunters to bash the crap out of defenseless baby seals as they lie in their nursing grounds? 

Now it's your turn to bash some sense into the heads of the Canadian government and the EU Governments who may ban the import of seal products.

Find out more on the Humane Society website, where you can also see some seal pictures by noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker. 

Or read more about it right here:

International organizations all agree that this large scale commercial seal slaughter is unsustainable, does not economically benefit Canada (it provides a miniscule return and is partly government subsidized), perpetuates the unnecessary use of fur in fashion, is cruel and is not engaged in by aboriginal groups.

This link to the Humane Society has a list of the things you can do to help save seals https://community.hsus.org/hsi/hsi_protectseals_actions.html. This includes contacting the Canadian government, supporting a boycott on Canadian seafood, and supporting the EU's proposed ban on seal product trade. 

This link is a quick one which makes it easy to send an email to the PM. https://community.hsus.org/campaign/global_harper_protectseals08

This is a link to the International Fund for Animal Welfare where you can support a senate bill to end seal killing. http://www.stopthesealhunt.ca


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