An organized mind is a happy mind

Sometimes life just sort of squashes down on top of you and you're left lying there, all splayed out on the floor, a bit flatter than normal, contemplating the sheer weight of THINGS YOU HAVE TO DO.

Wash the dishes! Get the car tuned up! Go to your after-work sports team event! Write Act Three! Make a project plan for your new boss! Floss your teeth. Watch Eli Stone! Go to the store! Throw out the limp and rotting lettuce in the fridge. Get rid of the unintentionally blue cheese while you're in there. Back up your hard drive. Organize iTunes. Update your iPod. Delete the 75 episodes of Family Guy on your TiVo. (Isn't technology supposed to make life easier?)

So, you're lying there, resembling a pancake, or perhaps a crépe if you've got a really lot of things weighing you down. Then you think of one more thing you need to do.

Get organized.

Phew. That's the hardest one of all. I've been putting it off for months, but I plan to make a start first thing next week. And this time I mean it.

I'm going to make lists. And maybe even a schedule. I'm going to set aside actual time to organize my accounts for tax purposes. I'm going to sort out the cupboard, which seems to be spawning dried fruit, nuts, and various grains. Perhaps my cupboard is self-filling storage space and I never knew it. Limitless food. Like on Star Trek.

Hmmm, computer, I'd like a Black Eye shake from the 101 Coffee Shop please. (Apologies to people who can actually quote TNG properly. I haven't watched it for like 10 years.)

Now observe carefully, dear audience, as I magically tie all this into writing.

If you ever find that, inexplicably, you can't write. Or worse, you just don't feel like writing, then sit down and get organized. Push all that weight off your body and out of your brain. Seriously, it'll free up at least a gig of brain RAM so you can create.

Artery Cloggery
Ever eaten at the Elf Café on Sunset? No, I don't think you have. It's in Echo Park. You'd never notice it if you didn't know it was there. It's vegetarian. The best vegetarian food I have ever eaten. That's why I know it can't be good for you. But man, it's good!

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Carlo Conda said...

A gig of brain RAM? That's not NEARLY enough! At least 2 gigs - 3 would be ideal.
And remember, smaller is better! Get a pet chimpanzee to do your work - their brains are like the new AppleAir computer compared to our IBM brick Desktop "peecee".

Get with the times!