I admit it, I could be wrong

For a very different opinion on the DGA Deal than the one I gave just a few short days ago, you can see what John Wells has to say via Craig Mazin's site.

Of course, it's up to you to decide whose opinion is worth more.

1. The guy who invented ER, took over The West Wing from Aaron Sorkin (will not rant about that here), used to work as a proper rock'n'roll roadie (really?), was formerly some kind of big wig in the WGA, and has won more Emmys than could fit in a hockey bag...


2. A person who has three spec scripts and the seed of a TV pilot under her belt and really didn't know anything about the WGA, residuals, EST, or anything Union-related before the strike started a few months ago.

It's up to you.

I admit, I've not parsed the fine print of the DGA deal (and have no plans to do so) and my take on it is more visceral than intellectual, but I'm still sticking with my initial stinky old cheese reaction.

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R.A. Porter said...

I believe I'll value (2)'s opinion more, as (2) didn't sell-out the WGA in 2001 by not pushing to fix the DVD residual formula.

This deal is great for the DGA, particularly with all those ADs who don't collect residuals at all. It's okay for film writers, and absolutely sucks a** for TV writers.

Of course, if the WGA can't get jurisdiction for animation writers it'll all be moot in another ten years when all films and television shows are "animated" like Beowulf in order to avoid using WGA writers or being bound by those contracts.