To the extreme!

I was struggling there for a while, trying to come up with an Ugly Betty story that was actually interesting. Then I got an idea, but when I outlined it... lame alert.

Then last night, I decided to go through every story point and just brain dump 4 or 5 ways to take that point to the most melodramatic, off-the-wall, crazy ass extreme. No censoring, no thinking "that'd never happen". I just wrote.

Guess what, gentle readers?

You got it. I came up with a whole barrel full of really cool ideas that are going to help make this the best never-to-air Ugly Betty spec script I have ever written. Erm. Read. Uh, I mean... well we'll see.

Slacker excuses
Spent the weekend going to see professional sports. Trust me, the LA Sparks is a way more exciting experience than the Dodgers (especially when they lose like 3 trillion to 3 to the Blue Jays - go Canada!).

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