The backwards read

I've just discovered the most fabulous excellent rewriting tool ever. It's...

The Backwards Read

What you do, is you hold your script up to a mirror and... naah. Just kidding.

What you really do is go through your script scene-by-scene, starting with the last scene and moving towards the first.

This allows you to really view the scene as a separate entity, and make sure it contains all the drama, action, suspense, conflict, and character it needs, without any reliance on the other scenes.

Later, when you re-enter the forward world, you can check for flow and all those lovely forward-looking things.

Slacker excuses
Buying tickets to see Crowded House in Vancouver in September. They're playing at the first venue I ever saw them in, 20 years ago. Total blast from the past.

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wcdixon said...

That's an old trick (the reading backwards one, as opposed to the Crowded House one), but still effective.