David Gilmour wuz here

I just hit the wall. No wait. That's a total lie. I hit the wall, like, three days ago, and I've been just running at it and bashing my head into it repeatedly ever since.

C'mon, you know this wall. It's that big ugly mother, dismal grey breezeblock. About thirty feet high and kinda scuzzy. Right next to the kilroy wuz here graffiti is a message for me, in ALL CAPS. And it goes something like this:

"You are the worst writer in the world ever and your current script stinks worse than those skunks that hang around your neighborhood at night. Why are you even trying? You should go find another job at once. Something menial. That doesn't require an ounce of creativity. You could start by cleaning this wall for one."

Hmph. Stupid wall. Like I said, it's been three days, and my head is all bloody and smashed to bits (metaphorically, c'mon I'm not that screwed up) and the wall still stands. Is it growing? I think it's growing.

Slacker excuses
There is no excuse for me this week.


Maggie said...

My usual solutions:

Go around the wall.
Write something else.
Get a sledgehammer.
Think about Berlin.
Drink some more.
Do something else besides writing.
Have another drink!
Watch Shaun of the Dead.
Did someone mention drinks?

Elver said...

Send me a copy. I'll check it out and tell you if it sucks or not and why it sucks, or not :)

e-mail: elver.loho@gmail.com

My blog's at http://elver.wordpress.com/

No credit or payment or anything like that needed. And send a copy of the e-mail to a friend who can later verify that you sent it to me. In case you're afraid that I might steal it or something.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I almost broke into tears over my script not working... and usually I only cry watching Brian's Song and Old Yeller

Jane Mountain said...

Thanks for your comments guys. I made it through the wall by doing at least 8 of Maggie's suggestions. Most of the drinking ones I did at least twice. Anyway, I now have a first draft - a bad first draft, but God bless rewrites!