Breaking all the rules

I've been known to blab on at length about the powers of a solid outline. About how you need to know where you're going before you start going there. (In the real world, I'm a Google maps addict.)

But you know what? Sometimes you just gotta write.

I have 51 pages of my new pilot drafted. It's rough. Of course it's rough, but you know what, it's a damn sight better than the half-finished outline I have for that last pilot I tried to write. 

For this current pilot, my outline was a bit rough when I started writing scenes, but I know the story I want to tell. I've been rolling it over in my mind for about a year now. So I'm flying by the seat of my pants a bit. I'll clean it up in post. Anyway, it feels good to knock out pages. It feels good to get something done.

So that's it. That's my advice for this post.

Sometimes you just gotta write.


Russell said...

that's the spirit. And here, I started outlining a few projects. 180 degree changes all around in 2009.

urbanguy said...

Thanks. I needed that. I've been breaking story all week.

Sasha said...

When you're writing, do you find yourself following the plot you sketched out in the outline? Or does the story mutate? (Btw, my draft mutates like CRAZY)

Are the mutations in your draft better or worse than the plot-points in your outline?

As your writing has improved, do you find yourself sticking to your outline more and more, or less and less?

Jeez, nobody told me this writing stuff was gonna be so hard ;)