Finish something

It's the holidays. Most of us will be taking some time off to visit family, drink eggnog, and get our Christmas cheer on. But we're writers, so we're also all thinking "Woohoo! Free time to write stuff."

Here's my challenge, to myself and to anyone else who wants to take me up on it:

Before you go back to work in January, finish something.

Choose any piece of work you want. If you feel brave, tackle an entire script you've been rolling around in your head. For the meek (who cannot resist the persistent call of eggnog and Christmas TV) finish that last act you've been avoiding.

Personally, I aim to write a first draft of my new pilot. Right now it's in the 'treatline' stage (half-treatment, half-outline), so I've got my work cut out for me.

What's your challenge going to be? Post it in my comments section along with progress reports during the holiday and I promise to provide moral support.

PS. If you're dying to buy me a Christmas present, the Christmas Story Leg Lamp Head Knocker is high on my list.


Anonymous said...

I really need to finish my Chuck spec. I've got the teaser, first act, and fifth act complete. I've got everything planned out for the second through forth acts, but for some reason, I just haven't been able to complete them.

Josh said...

Hrrmm. Well, we WANT to finish the first draft of our feature script, solidify the idea (or come up with a better one) for the pilot we'll be writing in class come mid-January, and just possibly write an ultra-short sample spec of the webseries we may or may not be hired to write on.

And the in-laws are here for the next week and a half. (Yes, I have in-laws now.)

GregM said...

Hey, I already started doing this! I'm trying to finish my screenplay, "The Bacon-Weaving Axis," which I started the current draft of a few days after Thanksgiving. I got up to pg. 91, and have now written 3.5 more pages, so I may just make it.

Good luck with your pilot!

Sasha said...

Finished the rough draft of my novel yesterday!!!! Freaking Christmas miracle :)

In the next two weeks, I've got to:

-Finish my Heroes spec (well, a rough draft at least)- been working on it *forever* but I think I need to re-work the outline before I actually go to pages. UGH.

-Crank out my pilot script (rough draft here, too)... also been spending wayyy too long thinking about it, wayyy too little time actually writing it.

adam _______________________ said...

Unfortunately, I'm not off work for the rest of the year. But I'm still going to try and finish my web series first draft.