Not to gloat but...

I just wrote four acts of Pushing Daisies in two days. I now have a first draft and can move on to my favorite stage. Rewriting!

There's nothing like having a deadline, some free time, and a kick ass outline.

10-Second Restaurant Reviews
El Atacor #11, 2622 N. Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90065

fluffy mashed potato
folded gently
in a deep fried taco

warm and safe
under a blanket
of salad and sour cream

10 potato tacos
for 10 bucks
at 2am

really could
change your life


R.A. Porter said...

Dayam! Nice pace. (Though I note you don't mention how long the other two acts took!)

Wait, did I say nice pace? I meant to say Lee Pace.

Ugh. First comment after quietly lurking for a while and that's what I come up with? Must be the exhaustion speaking.

Carlo Conda said...

Well la-dee-da. :P

Jane said...

Nor do I mention how bad (or good) the last four acts are... I guess I'll find out today.