Celtx is out of beta

Celtx 1.0 is here.

As many of you know, I love this little piece of free screenwriting software.

With the new release, they've added lots of features, including a template for scripting comic books. Neat. But most importantly, they finally finally finally got their forced page break to work. Now we TV writers can be happy using Celtx, too.



I promise I will get back to regularly scheduled blogging soon. I'm just trying to get my life organized and my Pushing Daisies written before I start a full-time job (contract) on Monday. I'm steeling myself for the huge lifestyle switcheroo. No money, lots of free time will soon be lots of money, no free time. I'm not complaining though. Could be no money, no free time, which is what a lot of my friends get.


Lee said...

I've used Celtx for scripts before, but how do you force a page break? I can only see an option in TypeSet to put a page break after each scene. How would I set it up so I could start a new act with a new page?

Jane said...

Hey Lee,

First, you need to download the latest version of Celtx.

Then, if you're using:

Mac, you do Alt+Enter where you want the page break. A solid black line will appear across your script. When you TypeSet, it will appear as a page break.

On PC, I think the keystrokes are probably Ctrl+Return, but I'm not sure. Play around with all the combos until you get that black line.

Lee said...

That's great. Alt-Enter worked a treat, thanks.