Point three percent? That's just an insult.

In a remarkable show of solidarity with the WGA writers, my computer is flat-out refusing to work. It worked fine all day Friday, then Saturday morning, no go.

The happy Apple people tell me I need a new hard drive. Which would make more sense to me if my computer was more than a few months old. But a brand new Mac book needing a brand new hard drive? That's so shoddy I'm almost tempted to switch to PC.


Some of you loyal readers may remember this same thing happening to me only a few months ago. Is it me? Am I zapping the hard drive with my eccentric electrical charge?

I think this as a sign that I should go down to the picket lines and show my support. Writers like big boxes of donuts, don't they?

Those of you expecting an email from me regarding that scheme involving drinks and pens we've been dreaming up, hold tight. Things are looking very good. But I may not be able to get to it until my computer is returned to me. Oh, and my hard drive is on back order. So it'll be seven to ten days if I'm super lucky. Which obviously I'm not, or this wouldn't be happening in the first place.

Slacker excuses
Aside from the obvious, my in-laws are here, so I'll be visiting the Getty, Griffith Park, and all those other wonderful LA places. The in-rents want to take the Universal Tour - is it wrong to cross the picket line as a tourist?

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Josh said...

Ooh, in-laws. I had the almost in-laws here this past weekend. Were going to take the Warner Bros. tour until we realized it was closed on weekends.

(Just sneak into Universal. They won't mind. Promise.)