I support the writers, the writers support me

In 1988 there were no blogs. In 1988, there were no YouTubes, no iTunes, no webisodes. In 1988, mobile content was the stuff hanging from that thing above your baby's crib. There was no wireless, no bittorrent, and no HDTV.

That was then.

Imagine how much things will change in the next 20 years. You can't. You simply can't imagine. No one can.

Which is why this strike is so thrilling. Thousands of people are coming together - writers, showrunners, actors, directors, teamsters, fans - to fight for the writers' right to a portion of the rewards that will come from something we can't yet imagine. They're also fighting for my right, as a future WGA member, to my portion of that ethereal future something.

Confused? Don't be. Watch this little video. Forward it to your friends. Writers wrote it, so it's pithy, it makes sense, and it's entertaining to boot.

Please make no mistake.

TV fans support the writers. Whedonesque sent pizza. Maggie is wearing red and spending her lunches on the line. We will not watch the reality replacement crap the studios are planning on shoveling into the schedule.

Tomorrow morning, Friday November 9, fans will come together with the writers, the actors, the showrunners, to lend our support.

Fox Studios, 10am. See you there.

If you're not in LA, you can show a bit of support by adding one of these great "Fans Support the Writers" icons to your website.


Fun Joel said...

I plan to be there! Hope to see you there. I'm recognizable from my blgo picture. :-)

Fun Joel said...

Blog picture, that is.

Maggie said...

Rah, rah! Writers are the best! One more body on the picket line makes a difference! Also it gives them heart that a non-WGA person is out supporting them with actual feet and sign-holding.

Jane said...

I'll be four more bodies. I'm bringing the husband and the in-laws - who are teachers, so they support the strike.

I'll look for you out there Joel.


Josh said...

I couldn't make it out until lunch. Sadness.

Anonymous said...

And ya know--you might never become a WGA member. Or you could have my career--1 credit, $40,000 in residuals and then poof! Think about it.