Scottish Lads Take Prostitutes To The Caledonian Hotel

I want to be that cool girl who sits in a café all day, spiking on coffee and rattling off pages and pages of unbelievable scriptage, but...

...it's just, I have a big comfy chair in my office at home. And my iGroove. And no annoying half-fat-extra-hot-double-double- dry-with-an-extra-shot ordering ninnies interrupting my train of thought. I sat in Groundworks on Sunset yesterday for three hours and got. Nothing. Done. The only thing I got out of it was a sore gluteus maximus and an aching trapezius from their extremely non-writer-friendly chairs.

Speaking of which I found a double badass online resource that's a total lifesaver when writing medical or forensic jargon. It's The Visual Dictionary - like Wikipedia but with pictures, and a little more authority, I think.

Slacker excuses
Got my screeners for my AFI FEST articles today. Lots of movies to watch. But Mom, I wanna watch TV!


Anonymous said...

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Stewart McKie

Jane said...

Does this mean I have to add yet another module to my blog? Cuz, though it sounds like a cool idea, having been an information architect in a past life, I'm very against overcrowding over there!