Caring for your introvert

First they build you up, then they knock you down.

Yep, I heard from Warner Bros. Nope, they don't want me. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pretty bummed. They're wrong of course. My mother said so. They do want me. They just don't know it. Can't really call up Mr Warner or his Bro, though, so I'll just have to concentrate on all the other swirling madness I've got going on right now.

I'm volunteering for the AFI FEST writing features for the Fest Daily. I've also just put my name in for volunteer work at the Screenwriting Expo. Once I'm done with those two things, there's the WriteGirl volunteering which I think should be pretty amazing.

And there's baby writers' group that I have yet to do anything about. But I will. I will.

Then there's the Bones spec. My goal is to get a decent first draft finished today. And my pilot is shaping up nicely.

So nyahh. Lots to keep me occupied while ten people that aren't me get to learn TV writing in what's bound to be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Slacker excuses
Have been plowing through House Season 2. I could say I'm studying story structure and characterization, but really, I just want to know what happened with Chase and Cameron and Foreman before Season 4 gives it all away.

Oh, and I love this article: Caring for Your Introvert.


Amanda said...

Boo Warner Brothers. I noticed you're doing writegirl...I'm doing it too!

Jane said...

Cool. I'll keep my out for you at the volunteer orientation. I'm going to the first one.