Go McLovin'!

I've been writing my biography.

No, not a novel-length tell-all about the life and times of me. Just a one-pager to submit with my spec to various competitions, workshops, and other places where someone other than my immediate family will be forced to read my script.

I've learned two things from this exercise.

1. As it turns out, on paper, my life-so-far sounds pretty danged exciting.

2. I have no blinkin' idea how to write a decent bio.

Anyone? Anyone?

Slacker Excuses
I'm in the midst of getting Windows to run on my MacBook via Parallels software. You say: "What kind of crazy person would want to do that?" I say: "The kind of crazy person with a paying client who wants document delivery via the dread pirate Visio." Terrible terrible program. Excellent excellent payday.

I actually had to shell out for Windows XP today, but I don't mind giving cash to Microsoft so much now that it will eventually filter down into the Gates Foundation.

PS. Go see Superbad. I think I love Michael Cera. He's almost 20, so that's not so wrong. Right?

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