Buffy's best lines

Yesterday, while procrastinating quite wholeheartedly, I was reading John August's blog and came across a mention of Jane Espenson's blog. I had no idea Espenson had a blog, and I'm thrilled about finding it.

She's my absolute favorite TV writer whose name doesn't begin with Aaron Sorkin. In fact, it's those two who can shoulder the blame for my decision to write screenplays.

Espenson's blog is a definite must-read. Even if you're totally loyal to movies you should read it just to find out what she's had for lunch each day. Jane, if you're reading this, you need to eat more!

In honour of her What's for Lunch segment, I've decided to add my own sign-off segment...

Slacker excuses:
I've got two equally good ones this month.
1) A steady stream of house-guests since Dec 26. It's tough to make yourself write when your visitors are begging to be taken to the 101 for some Black Eye Shakes.
2) Real paying work. I'm a freelance, so when it comes along, and it's this lucrative, and I'm staring at a pile of bills from the 101, I've just got to say yes.

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