It's an addiction

Every single day I think about quitting. I'm kind of like a cancer-conscious smoker, who thinks about quitting every time they light up. Every time I sit down at the keyboard I think "Maybe I should just quit. Maybe if I quit then I'd have time to have more fun and relax and just enjoy life."

So why don't I? Why don't you? What keeps us writing? 



Sasha said...

Writing sucks. Thanks to writing, I'm broke, frustrated, and perpetually out of time.

But for me, not writing sucked more. I spent all my money on partying, because I was bored. I was even more frustrated when my only work was the mindless stuff I did at the office. I spent my mountains of free time doing stuff that should be fun- like seeing movies or hanging out with my friends- except instead of feeling relaxed, all that "fun" stuff just made me more restless. Plus, I was a super high-strung, cranky bitch.

So I gave in and put writing back at the center of my life. I think you're always going to have to write- it's not like needing cigarettes, it's like needing water. You can go a little while without it, but it's really tough, and has got to be temporary. So please don't torture yourself with impossible "what ifs"! :)

Amanda said...

I don't know what else I would do...I have no skills or qualifications or experience. And there's no "real" or "normal" job that I want.

GregM said...

Heh. How very, very true. My Miles Davis play ends with Davis' imagination pointing out to him that he's trading his heroin addiction for a music addiction… and that, somehow, that might be worse.

I'm not that happy getting ready to write (sometimes I'm happy writing), but I'm definitely more unhappy when I'm not writing.

To paraphrase Monk: It's our gift. It's our curse.