A shot in the arm, a kick in the teeth

Just when you’re starting to think that people really aren't all that bad -- because they have chosen a startlingly intelligent mixed-race man who grew up in exotic places like Africa and Hawaii and whose name sounds kinda foreign and terroristy (instead of a rich white war hero whose name sounds like hookers and French freedom fries) for the highest office in the land -- you suddenly realize how repellent people really are.

In California, it seems, equal rights for chickens are more important than equal rights for same-sex couples. And hey, I'm all for letting those little chickens stretch out their wings, but shouldn't same-sex couples be allowed the same freedom?

Some people are just fucking crazy.


Tim W. said...

Yes, I thought it was quite ironic that Californians were apparently forward thinking enough to vote for Obama, but still backward enough to think the world will end if people realize there's a difference between a man marrying another man and a man marrying his sister, dog or multiple partners.

Speaking of which, does anyone else think the Mormon's stance on Proposition 8 was simply because the rest of the country wouldn't let them marry more than one person.

Although, I am writing from Canada, where there is a full on Armageddon happening because we allowed gay marriage and most people didn't seem to care.

Anon said...

It really is quite ridiculous. How would you feel if someone valued the chickens that they plan on eating over you? Once again, go chickens! Flap those wings! But still... point made!