What is a night-life baby, anyways?

My brain feels like sludge. I just wanna go watch TV. But before I do, here are a few more things I picked up at the WGA (dirty!).

During the pre-game show, Winnie and Robin set forward the concept of willful denial as a useful tool for wannabes. For example:

Powers That Be: "You'll never make it in showbiz, kid."   Willfully Denying Writer: "Yes, I will."
PTB: "Your chances of getting a job are almost zero, kid."   WDW: "Almost zero? Great!"
PTB: "Your writing sucks ass."   WDW: "No, it doesn't."

And so on. The idea being that if you admit to yourself how hard it's gonna be, you'll just give up and go to dental assistant school.

Later, the Rhimes rolled out these gems:

On pitching Tell 'em it's a sad story and they'll think it's a sad story. Tell them it's funny and they'll think it's funny. Ahh, the power of suggestion.

On film school It ain't gonna teach you how to write. It can teach you a whole lot of other things about the business and give you all sorts of contacts, but if you couldn't write when you went in, you're not going to be able to write when you graduate. 

On notes No matter how stupid the note (and some of them are pretty damn stupid) you'll find that it's coming from somewhere. There's a reason for it. You just have to figure out what that reason is.

On creating character Figure out 'what's in their lockers'. Or handbags. Or backpacks. Or pockets. Or whatever. Just work out what that character needs with 'em to get through the day.

There you go. That's what I took away from the evening. That, and some cheese and crackers (in my belly).

Artery Cloggery
Might have an orange later. That's all I have room for because I'm all full up of the Fish Taco Sampler Platter from Senor Fish on Eagle Rock Blvd. Yum! You should totally go there. But it closes at 9.30pm, so go early, go often.


Elver said...

PTB: "Your writing sucks ass." WDW: "No, it doesn't."

Don't deny that you suck. Simply strive to be better.

Anonymous said...

Repeating the definition of insanity.....now that's a recipe for hoping somebody might think the cleverness is somebody else's.

Or is that the recipe for success?

Trust me...

(I wouldn't know) ugghh ;)