Greasy elbows and a ground-up nose

I'm applying myself, I'm buckling to, I'm taking the bull by the horns, putting my shoulder to the wheel, nose to the grindstone, and elbows to the grease. I'm knuckling down.

I'm ignoring the call of the troubadouristic lifestyle (for now) and getting on with my pilot.

(Oh no! As I write, yet another musician has walked through the door. He's talking about mixing his latest album and their upcoming tour. Ahhh, nooo. Do not tempt me, Mr. Musician, with your dissolute ways.)

Things accomplished since last blog:
Plots conceived and added to script: 1
New scenes: 7
Silly love songs written (lyrics only): 4

So I'm not yet fully able to ignore all distractions. But I'm working on it. Where's the sage advice, everyone? Clearly I could use some.

Artery cloggery
Still on the health kick. Won't last long though, since our next house guest arrives tomorrow and there will be trips to Yum Yum to come.


Anonymous said...


You burstified my spell-checker and you owe me $5.00 in damagings.

Yohan said...

Your body must be beat up after all that ;x

Erase thy temptations for the fortune of the bold. It PAYS to be a winner, as the Navy SEALs say.