Maybe I could use red tape to capture the ants?

My Bones script and I are in a fight to the death. The script is winning.

Or maybe we're just at an impasse. Same difference.

I keep trying, but I'm still struggling. I can't break the back of the story. I can't fill in the final pieces of the puzzle. And I keep changing my mind about who the killer is.

Why does this happen?

Is it because the idea, at its core, is just not right? Is it because I'm fundamentally no good at mystery? Or is it because I just haven't tried hard enough?

I don't know. And the problem is, my course of action depends entirely on the answer. Should I start again, with a new idea? Should I give up and write a half-hour comedy? Or should I just keep plugging away?

Slacker excuses
It's been a cra-appy week, involving the DMV, my lawyer, Passport Canada, the bank, and an infestation of little brown ants. No one can be expected to be creative with all that institutional red tape wrapped tight around them. Can they?

Ow, my head hurts.


Tim W. said...

I just started reading your blog, but I do have to ask, which London you escaped from? The reason I ask is because you mentioned Passport Canada. I'm from Vancouver, myself, and have heard (and read) all the horror stories about renewing your passport.

I enjoy your blog, by the way.

Jane Mountain said...

I used to live in London, England. But before that, I was from Vancouver. I'll go back there someday - maybe when global warming stops all the rain!