Anatomy lessons

So, really no time to post these days. I'm immersed in the world of Grey's Anatomy. It follows me around, even when I'm not sitting at my desk plugging away. I was at a barbecue the other day and the conversation centered around Grey's for at least half an hour. And I did nothing to start it either.

Anyway, for a while there I was mired quite heavily in story breaking. That's always the hardest part of the process for me. Today I finished a first go at my outline - I'll sense-check every scene again, and make sure they all work in the order I've laid them out, then finally review each story to see if it works. Oh, and then make sure each story is squarely on theme - a huge part of Grey's.

But before I do that, I decided to come up for air. Deep breath, and back down I go.

My screenplay is taking a much-needed break from me for a few weeks. I'm pretty comfortable with the state it's in now - let's call it a second draft. Can't wait to get back to it, but I won't touch it again until I've got a solid Grey's draft under my belt.

Slacker excuses
I've been pretty darn good, but Ultimate Frisbee has kept me away from my desk a healthy amount the last few weeks.

PS. Can't wait. Am going to see Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio speak at the WGA next week!

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